Kevin Ledo

Welcome, Kevin Ledo

“Bold, iconic, figurative imagery is what Montreal artist, Kevin Ledo, brings forth in his art. Crossing back and forth through artistic boundaries and genres such as mural art, fine art, street art, and gold leaf art installations, Ledo traces his influences and inspiration to a multitude of forces including his travels, music, graphic design and photography. He is also influenced by religious iconography and spiritual art, psychology, Buddhist philosophy, metaphysics, ideas and literature on the concepts infinity, consciousness, and perception. Kevin Ledo’s artwork is exhibited and collected worldwide.” – deiNERI art design

Kevin Ledo paints in Zarqa, Jordan, with OPEN SPACE: Create Equality, filmed by Nina Constable Media.

About Discerning the Psyche series
Observant, patient, and down to earth, somehow Kevin Ledo is still an artist with a boldness hard to miss. His round-the-world schedule has him in demand for painting massive murals from Lebanon to his hometown Montreal (his nine-story Leonard Cohen portrait is world-record worthy to say the least), while still finding time to enrich his artistic talent on canvas. Diligence and focus has led to a striking series of subjects confined within golden lines in feminine or masculine form. With a color scheme filtering a hint of retro seductiveness, his moody subjects seem to captivate its spectator.

These artworks are hand painted portraits on canvas with acrylic. Ledo applies the striking candy red before carefully shading monochromatic tones of chestnut brown hues and extending its spectrum through shades, tones and tints. The final addition of gold leaf application calls for an exact meticulousness that adds a fluid motion of action into the final artwork.

Available works

Kevin Ledo painting in Beirut, Lebanon, with aptArt(Awareness & Prevention Through Art), an organization aimed to share with cmarginalized youth an artistic opportunity to express themselves, build awareness and promote prevention about issues affecting people’s lives. Filmed by Selina Miles.