“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

Today’s Banksy
Did anyone expect his work to sell for more than most living artists, or that his fame and demand would result in buying artwork on actual deteriorating walls? Don’t think so. Then again in truth it was always just a matter of time his clever take on art would pour over into the public eye. Banksy, a British artist whose face is still unknown to the media, rose to fame from his active pursuit to stencil art pieces in 1990s that sparked conversation about the current state of the world. His spiraling, over-the-top success has arguably paved the way for the arrival of urban and street art on a big scale, and its undercurrent perhaps all the more rewarding and refueling the artists clever, satirical lenses which his paintings view society.

For Stick Together its Banksy’s relentless Robin Hood identity to take from the rich and give to the poor through gaining an effortless pull of media attention that we find most remarkable. And as we sweep terms like “urban” and “street art” under the muting umbrella of what is now “contemporary”, we again see Banksy’s comprehensive career blend what we think we know about art together with a new definition of what a modern day activist can demonstrate. Forget sit-ins and protest signs, in this digital day in age in order to deeply move the masses their attention needs an impact with an edge of puzzling weirdness.

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