Dean Zeus Colman

“Dean Zeus Colman has been regarded as a prolific writer, designing one of the first hip hop clubs and working with Paul Okenfold running Def Jam Recording and has unbelievably seen 20 years of progress.” – The Evening Standard

UK artist Dean Zeus Colman (Zeus) has been drawing inspiration from urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions the have re-defined graffiti art since the 1980s. Zeus has continually pushed the boundaries of urban subculture artistry, and taking new perspectives that have expanded beyond exhibitions to set design for the Beastie Boys and Burning Man. His works have been placed in museum across Europe, and his methods have caught the interest of celebrities like Pharrell Williams and royalties like Prince Charles.

About Artopoly
Artopoly is a work conceptualized by artist Dean Zeus Colman inspired by the contemporary art market and history. Placed in the frame of iconic Monopoly, artists are the properties for sale, auction houses are the railroads, and the board as a whole is transformed into an art market on display. “Just bidding”, pass “Ego”, or “Go to Auction” are some ways how Artopoly playful imitates the familiar game with an ironic and witty twist at every corner.

Artist placement on the board is decided from an actual scale of auction results thoroughly researched by the artist and set within the US/UK contemporary art market history.

Available Works