“I like the freedom that comes with working without a sketch… My role is to communicate with people by bringing beauty into their lives and raising issues they might not – on their own — think about.” – ZED1 to StreetArtNYC.org

About ZED1
Marco “Zed1” Zedone is an artist from Tuscany who has brought surreal marionette characters to life with aerosol paint and acrylic for over 20 years. His iconic work gracefully combines distorted figures and animals with softness and serenity, and overshadows his subjects with a moral to the story. Zed1’s vision transcends from large urban murals to delicate works on paper, keeping each piece unique and equally intriguing. With his satirical style of melancholy and wistfulness, Zed1 can echo a fabled dream his worldwide audience finds familiar and fascinating.

ZED1 paints Jose de Diego Middle School

ZED1 paints Jose de Diego Middle School for Stick Together and The RAW Project.. Photo by Alessandro Abate