Shepard Fairey

“I find myself in a fascinating and, in some ways, challenging position at this point in my development as an artist. I’ve become visible and commercially successful in ways I never expected. I’m no longer seen as an underdog, but I’ve passionately maintained my belief in independent thinking and resourceful self-empowerment. There’s no doubt I’ve evolved as an artist in many ways, but in many others I’ve remained consistent in my philosophy and practice.” – Shepard Fairey, Covert to Obey

About “Earth Crisis” Series
The Stick Together Gallery was fortunate enough to acquire a collection of prints from Shepard Fairey’s Earth Crisis series of artworks created to raise environmental awareness. As a long-time fan of Shepard Fairey, we were proud to exhibit to fans as part of our private collection while showcasing in Europe, Asia and North America.

“The installation, the murals, the fine art, and the prints – they are all different platforms to put across the message that we are facing an earth crisis. I think that art is a way to engage people. Art can initiate conversations when other media fails…I hope that it appeals visually AND sparks the needed conversation about protecting our planet for future generations.” – Shepard Fairey