The WALLS – The RAW Project

Hey artists! READ ME FIRST:

Montbello is a huge campus that houses three middle schools (10-13 year olds) and two high schools (14-18 year olds). This is our largest area yet.

There are about 2500 students.
89% are living below the poverty line. 
11 % are meeting literacy averages
Nearly all are from minority bakgrounds
This school faces overcrowded classes
Test scores in math and science are at about 4% to 8% (the average is 48%)

Test scores for low income students at this school fall far below the state average for all students. Without average test scores there is no possibility to receive funding for better supplies and learning instruments. The RAW Project has been directly linked to higher test scores by creating a better learning environment for this student demographic.

YOUR participation as an artist WILL create a brighter future them. Below are links to packets that show the many, MANY walls to cover at Montbello campus in Denver this year. Robert, Audrey, and The RAW Project are honored to have you on board for this. 

ABOUT THE WALLS: As you can see, the surfaces are BRICK. We would like to keep an exposed brick background. Before any requests on priming and buffing, please spend some time visualizing a piece where you can incorporate a brick background. 

REQUESTING A WALL: Please make a TOP 5 list, don’t narrow your choice down to one wall. These PDFs are really here to give you an overview and a helpful visual of the school and its scale.


Eagleton and Cowell Elementary WALLS (CLICK HERE)

Montbello_ The Walls I (CLICK HERE) 

Montbello The Walls II (CLICK HERE)

Why so many packets?! Because of so many walls!