Pop statuesque and sexy: Hollywood movie artist reveals erotic and bold oil on panel artworks

His colossal urban murals have broken world records and won prestigious awards, but for Hollywood contemporary artist Eric Skotnes it took a global pandemic to stay indoors and paint for himself. The result: a series of erotic, sensual subjects preserved in a silky glaze of deep tones that celebrate classical nudes with a modern, sexual twist.

Skotnes’ unique oil on panel artworks are “Amplexus”, Latin for “an embrace”, a muscular, voluptuous close-up of intimate poses that magnify the pushing and pulling of skin in the moments of human desire. By using tones of warm cadmium and cool cobalt for his subjects, the emboldening effect eyes over curvy contours and shadows of skin, muscle and grip.

“I thought it was a nice pent-up expression of painting. I’ve always done erotic sketching, but I never showed it, this was a way to,” says Skotnes, who studied illustration and fine art at ArtCenter College of Design. His inspiration of works from Italian Masters never left his fingertips.

“I drew the Sistine Chapel so many times in art school because the way Michelangelo structured, it looked more like a sculpture to me,” says Skotnes. One of his artworks, “Homage to Bernini”, echoes this fascination. “You can really tell when someone is touching someone else in Bernini’s work, you can really see the force.”

Like Caravaggio’s striking spotlight on human figures, or Bernini’s ability to depict flesh from chiseled stone, Skotnes’ is bold in contrast, intensity and mood.

All six artworks are unique, original oil paintings on wood panel with a wet-sanded finish, and are available for sale. Prices includes shipping, tax and overhead payments costs. All artworks are hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

About the artist:

Eric Skotnes is a Los Angeles-based urban artist known for interconnecting disparate styles into an aesthetically integrated whole. Elegantly blending his classical, figurative painting and knowledgeable about art history with a youthful graffiti background, Skotnes creates murals and works on canvas that juxtapose his street style with figural renderings of classical sculptures from antiquity. His unique repertoire of art commissions have been featured in countless blockbuster films and award-winning series.
Website: www.ericskotnes.net
Instagram: @zoueh_skotnes


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