Stick Together began in 2012 as a project driven by Amsterdam tape artist Max Zorn. In its first year, Stick Together received thousands of participants wanting to be involved with urban art, and sparked the creation of live painting events around Europe by top international artists. Now Stick Together’s identity eclipses into an art gallery housing some of the most prolific and established artists in the urban niche of contemporary art. Stick Together also acts as a consulting service to homes and businesses. As a young and emerging gallery we are proud to recognize our involvement in these events due to our professional standards, positive participation, and authentic artist selection.

Project Stick Together

The Stick Together: Amsterdam event brought over 50 international artists together to create live and exhibit work.

Stick Together began as a project that spreads art for free to fans worldwide. It’s an easy game: Sign up and win a piece of Max Zorn tape art. Giving fans a chance to be the artist, anyone who received a sticker has to find a place in where light shines through in the hometown and stick it up. For proof, take a photo and we map it. We’ve received thousands of emails. Zoom in to see where we Stick Together.

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