Stick Together at Aqua Art Miami with Max Zorn

Stick Together is exhibiting for Art Basel Miami weekend at none other than the classy art deco Aqua Art Miami fair from November 30 to December 4. Max Zorn will exhibit fresh new works more detailed, intricate and jaw-dropping than ever before seen… can you sense our excitement? Here’s the link to his winter catalog for a sneak peek at what will be on the walls.


Stick Together in Cologne for a fall Blooom

Max Zorn, Blooom Art Fair, Stick Together GalleryThe second time around at Cologne’s Art.Fair partner Blooom felt like home for Stick Together. Surrounded by familiar faces of artists and gallerists, Blooom was a well-curated mix of work impossible to ignore. Stick Together fused Max Zorn walls with a collection of prints by Shepard Fairey, Daniel Doebner, PLEASANT, Steve Locatelli, Eelco van den Berg, and Super A. The booth kept busy, with surrounding works by Fin DAC, Innerfields, Eliot The Super, Miss Van and more. Cologne has been a great experience, and the times spent with friends like GO Gallery exploring the city were fantastic. We found out that some tape adhesives have traces of dynamite in the glue — hence the security dog sniffing around. (And no, Max Zorn tape art does not explode like a wall bomb). Art.Fair moves to a new market in Dusseldorf next year November, let’s see what Stick Together can do to make a memorable entrance!

Max Zorn, Blooom Art Fair, Stick Together Gallery


Selling big at Frieze London with Moniker Art Fair

Max Zorn, Stick Together, Tape ArtStick Together showed its gallery side at Frieze London this fall within the Old Truman Brewery walls adorned by the creative curating from the seventh annual Moniker Art Fair. It was a packed weekend as we exhibited three of the most talented artists using tape as their medium: NO CURVES (IT), Benjamin Murphy (UK) and Max Zorn (NL). All artists sold to the thousands who visited, and Stick Together couldn’t be more impressed with the Moniker team putting on a great exhibit. Some of the highlights included live screenprinting and signing by Toasters, Josh Stika and Word To Mother at the Jealous Gallery next door. We loved the wall installation by Master Art, not to mention the daily glass of champagne for a pick-me-up when our levels needed an extra energy kick. We ran into good friends like London-based street artist Otto Schade, the owner of street art foundation Urban Art Now, and made new friends, clients and fans within the concrete jungle of London. Amazing time, see you next year!

Stick Together, Max Zorn, Banjamin Murphy, NO CURVES at Moniker Art Fair London

The Stick Together Gallery booth boasted top names in artists who use tape as their medium: NO CURVES (IT) fusion of assorted colors and textures added stark contrast to Benjamin Murphy (UK) and his delicate use of black electrical tape. Max Zorn (NL) illuminated the walls with his use of light and sepia-tones and drew a crowd during his live work-in-progress presentation.


Moniker Art Fair, Stick Together Gallery, Max Zorn, Jealous Gallery

Opening night at Moniker Art Fair 2016 was buzzing within the walls of the Old Truman Brewery. London showed up by the thousands that weekend, and us here at Stick Together felt at home surrounded by some of the freshest contemporary and urban art around.








Getting Swiss with Art International Zurich

Zurich, Stick Together, Art International Zurich As an emerging gallery it’s important to test new markets, and a lot of curiosity lands on Switzerland. It has Art Basel, a thriving banking sector, the world’s finest watches and precious jewelry… and chocolate.

With the third highest per capita GDP in the world, Stick Together finally made an appearance at Art International Zurich and premiered Max Zorn for his first Swiss show alongside the Zurich Film Festival. It was the first stop on a triad tour of art shows, and us here at Stick Together couldn’t have started less classy.

Max Zorn and Stick Together exhibit at at Art International Zurich in Switzerland

We found the Swiss to be quite curious about Max Zorn’s technique and use of light illuminating his medium. Many we’re impressed with the fact that these works are made freehand without any photo or sketch to start from.



Ali tribute “Legend Forever” by Mr. Brainwash added to collection

COLLECTION: Stick Together met Mr. Brainwash one breezy December night in 2014 on Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami weekend. His work was being shown with at the Delano, and we were in talks about Max Zorn’s solo show on Fisher Island the following week. Brainwash looked as if he had just walked out from an Exit Through The Gift Shop scene, with the classic fedora hat and that energetic buzz. His plan for the weekend was to install a few hundred Star Wars storm troopers around Miami. (And Stick Together loves storm troopers.)

Despite the controversy and opinion that bubbles up from the art world, Brainwash remains a blue chip for collectors worldwide because of his story, his identity, and his artistic vision. His “Legend Forever” collection sold-out in seconds, on sale less than a week after Muhammad Ali died June 3.

Below is No. 4 of 16 variant works of black and multi-color gradient screen-print on hand torn archival art paper, hand finished by Mr. Brainwash. The print is signed on the front and back, (with COA). Print size: 22.5in x 30in. No. 4 was specifically chosen for its primary colored finish of red, yellow and blue accents and warm gradients.

“Earth Crisis Drop” by Shepard Fairey added to collection

COLLECTION: Stick Together first saw Shepard at Wynwood Walls in 2013 when he was working on his feature mural during Art Basel Miami weekend. With a clipboard in one hand and a composed and confident stance, he oversaw the progress in a calm and observant manner under the shade of a baseball cap. It was special to see this well-known artist smile and make time for fans while keeping an eye always on the developing work. Andre The Giant still has a posse with Stick Together.

As a big fan of Shepard Fairey we are very excited to acquire a slice of his “Earth Crisis” series with this outstanding, powerful print. Read more about Fairey’s Earth Crisis exhibition here at Galerie Itinerrance in Paris until July 30, 2016.

We know Fairey is not about buyers reselling his work, and Stick Together is proud to exhibit a series of Fairey prints to fans as part of our private collection for the time being at our upcoming exhibitions.

This print, “Earth Crisis Drop” sold out in seconds, it’s signed by the artist and numbered 405 of 450, 18in x 24in.


BBC at Stick Together booth in Singapore for Max Zorn exclusive

MEDIA: Say what you want about the state of our modern media, but it was pretty gratifying to have a news leader like BBC come by the Stick Together Gallery booth for an exclusive interview with Max Zorn at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore. With lights, camera, action in tow, BBC journalists had an hour-long Q&A session with Max about his inspiration behind his works, how the idea began, and how Singaporeans are reacting to his solo showcase as a featured artist of the art fair.



Tape artist Max Zorn ‘unbound by time and place’

TED Talks invites Stick Together’s Audrey Sykes and Max Zorn

The global community giant of TED Talks approached Stick Together to present its story and in-house artist Max Zorn to a 400-plus audience at the Technical University of Munich in the name of art and its future. It took hours of practice to get this 15-minute speech down to a tee, memorize it and keep it captivating. Special thanks to the cameraman who refrained from too many close ups — after three back-to-back fairs and little sleep it’s better to get that wide, all-encompassing angle anyway.

Best New Exhibitor, Art Basel Miami weekend wrap up

Award-winning booth at Spectrum Art Fair for Art Basel Miami weekend 2015.

FAIRS: Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll say Art Basel Miami is beautiful, but bananas… a weekend of sleek, shiny, dressed to the 9s Warhol style bananas. The exhibitors, artists, collectors, fair directors, the street artists in Wynwood, the Miami beach hotels, the bars and clubs throughout – it’s about being something everyone is talking about, it’s visual overkill in the most wonderful way, and it’s inspiration, exposure, hand-shaking havoc and artfully adventurous. We at Stick Together just love it.

It’s a positive problem to work with an artist in high enough demand suffering the beauty of always being sold out (Max Zorn is sold out, honestly, all the time). But wow were we thankful to show up fashionably late to Miami with a new collection of Max Zorn in tow. Stick Together rocked and rattled the Miami mainland this year at Spectrum Art Fair with a nearly sold-out booth and accolades aplenty. The booth looked leaner than last year’s break-out Breeder booth at SCOPE (thanks again for the write up Widewalls.ch), and Stick Together won the fair’s Best New Exhibitor award for it.

“Ivory Sky” was featured in the Wall Street Journal as a full-page SPECTRUM Art Fair ad for Art Basel Miami weekend. Brown, red and white packing tape on acrylic glass illuminated with LED custom lightbox. ArtistL Max Zorn. Year: 2015. SOLD

Plus, Max flexed his brain muscle to fill up the booth with fresh work during an already-packed fall of exhibiting and selling, and won Best Artist at the fair for it. And thanks again to Widewalls.ch for ranking Stick Together in the top 10 booths to see at Spectrum out of over 100+.

And to top it off, Spectrum Art air used Max Zorn’s artist “Ivory Sky” as a full-page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal to promote their fair. (And in Stick Together’s opinion, this shows that Max Zorn’s talent and skill at detail and motif can outshine his material of tape on an international audience level…but we knew that already, Max.)

Golden Haze unique work of brown packing tape with hints of red packing tape on acrylic glass illuminated by a custom-framed LED lightbox. Artist: Max Zorn. Year: 2015. SOLD

Stick Together left speechless, again. It wasn’t long ago we were hoisting a DIY exhibition at Wood Tavern and taking sales calls from partygoers at 2am inspired to buy in a late-night gotta-have-it haze in 2013. We tested the waters at SCOPE in 2014, selling to celebrity clients and getting flown to New York for further collector collaborations. And wow, Spectrum Art Fair 2015, you exceeded our expectations on all levels. We will never forget the flurry of buyers, media attention and positive atmosphere. It was an honor to work with you.

Let’s see what 2016 brings Miami!


About Stick Together

In its first year, Stick Together sparked the creation of events around Europe by top international artists. Now Stick Together’s identity eclipses into an art gallery housing some of the most prolific and established artists in the clever niches of contemporary art. As a young and emerging gallery we are proud to recognize our involvement in these events due to our professional standards, positive participation, and authentic artist selection.

Selected Fairs, Partners and Projects since 2012:

AAF Hong Kong and Singapore
Amsterdam EYE Film Museum
Art Basel Hong Kong
Art Dubai
Art Monaco
Dubai Canvas
The Dutch Consulate General
LISTE Art Fair
Living Arts Festival
Morgans Hotel Group

Princess Carina Foundation
Amsterdam Museumnacht
RAW Wynwood Art Projects
Science World British Columbia

SCOPE Art Fair
South By Southwest Festival
Sovereign Art Foundation
Tajan Auction House
TED Talks
Tour de Britian
Zurich International Art Fair


Best New Exhibitor of the Year by SPECTRUM Art Basel Miami
Best Artist of the Year by SPECTRUM Art Basel Miami

In the Media:

TED Talk by Stick Together on YouTube
10 Must See booths at SPECTRUM Art Show by Widewalls.ch
SCOPE Miami Art Fair Preview by Widewalls.ch
Stick Together in the Wall Street Journal
Stick Together holds Amsterdam’s largest street art event to date

The Gallery Artists Portfolio


About the Artists

Max Zorn

With a surgeon’s scalpel for a brush, Max Zorn (NL) is an artist who uses ordinary brown packing tape as his medium and a scalpel as a brush. Rising to fame in 2011 as an urban artist because of his exclusive use of tape art on street lamps, in an impressively short timeline Zorn moved to solo exhibitions and an international resume spanning innovative projects from Art Basel in Hong Kong and Miami to downtown Bangkok and Dubai. Zorn has become established for his freehand craftwork and the vividness of his sepia-toned creations. His ability to shape layers upon layers of tape on acrylic glass that, when illuminated from behind reveal contrasts and warmth, is simply unique. The fusion between the awe of material and intricate detail in craft has led him to the stages of TED Talks, BBC and CNN. With his unmistakable way to compose cinematic settings, Zorn pulls the spectator into his motifs and encourages his audience to continue his story.

Shortlist Exhibitions & Events
2016 Art Dubai with Dubai Canvas and Stick Together Gallery, Dubai (UAE)
2016 AAF Singapore with Stick Together Gallery, Singapore (SG)
2015 Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture, group show, Delray Beach (US)
2015 Tour de Britain, group show with Sara Wade Contemporary, London (UK)
2015 Max Zorn solo show with Stick Together and The Sanderson, London (UK)
2015 Max Zorn solo show with m|u|c|a Gallery, Munich, DE
2015 STROKE Art Fair with Stick Together Gallery, Munich (DE)
2015 AAF Hong Kong with Stick Together Gallery, Hong Kong (HK)
2015 BLOOOM with Stick Together Gallery, Cologne (DE)
2015 Berlin Art Week with Stick Together Gallery, Berlin (DE)
2015 VAULT17, group show, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 Original Dampkring Gallery, solo show, Amsterdam (NL)
2014 SCOPE Miami Art Fair with Stick Together, Miami (US)
2014 EYE Film Museum, solo show, Amsterdam, NL
2014 Amsterdam Museum, installation, Amsterdam, NL
2014 ARTMUC with m|u|c|a gallery, Munich, DE
2014 Nicole Henry Fine Art, solo show, West Palm Beach (US)
2014 UNFAIR with Armory Art Week, New York City (US)
2013 Art Monaco with private collector, Monte Carlo, MC
2013 Art Stage Singapore with Gallery Visionairs, Singapore, SG
2013 Gallery Valleggia, solo show, Amsterdam (NL)
2012 ArtBasel Hong Kong with The Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong (HK)
2012 Gala of Nations Live Ball charity with Princess Karina Foundation, Geneva (CH)

Marco “ZED1″ Buressi

ZED1 (IT) hails from Tuscany with an evolution of nostalgic surrealism exhibited on an international level with galleries and urban projects stretching from Tokyo to Wynwood Walls, Miami. His subjects mimic dazed and dreamy marionettes with artistic skills in acrylic and aerosol that transcend from ten-story walls to delicate works on paper and canvas, keeping each piece unique and equally intriguing. Since 1998 his work gracefully combines distorted characters with softness and serenity, simultaneously overshadowing his detailed works with an underlying mood and message. With his satirical style of melancholy and wistfulness, ZED1 echoes a fabled dream that his worldwide audience and clients find strangely familiar and undoubtedly fascinating. The ability to strike a chord of pleasant wonder with clients and art lovers has only propelled his profession further into the eyes and interests of the freshest branches in contemporary art.

Shortlist Exhibitions & Events
2015 Spazio San Giorgio Gallery, solo show, Bologna, IT
2015 Galo Gallery, solo show “Fruits of Mind”, Torino, IT
2014 NAME Gallery, solo show, Amsterdam, NL
2014 SCOPE Miami Beach with Stick Together Gallery, Miami, Florida, US
2013 GO Gallery, group show “Beyond the Streets”, Amsterdam, NL
2013 Bottleneck Gallery solo show, New York City, NY
2013 Tag Gallery solo show, Bologna, IT
See more of ZED1′s work and Second Skin videos www.zed1.it and follow him on Instagram at @zed1

Dean “ZEUS” Colman

London artist Dean “Zeus” Colman (UK) has been drawing inspiration from urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions that have re-defined graffiti art since the 1980s, and have led to fine art collaboration projects with Prince Charles, Paul Oakenfold and the Beastie Boys to name a few. Zeus has continually pushed the boundaries of his niche artistry, taking the form out of its traditional setting and into new perspectives. His latest works represents an innovative fusion of 3D techniques and typography, fine art and sculpture, and reflect both his background on the streets and his formal training at Chelsea College of Art. The approach can be a clean and clever canvas, or mixed media crafted with extreme yet subtle detail, and glazed with a quirky wit that seems to stand at the foundation of all artworks as a solid, unforgiving instrument of identity.

Shortlist Exhibitions & Events
2016 Nicole Henry Fine Art, group show, West Palm Beach (US)
2015 Prescription art Gallery, solo show, Brighton (UK)
2015 Original Dampkring Gallery, group show, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 Urban in Ibiza, group show, Ibiza (ES)
2015 Lawrence Alkin Gallery, group show, London (UK)
2015 Vertical Gallery, solo show, Chicago (US)
2013 Black Book Gallery, group show, Denver (US)
2013 Opera Gallery, group show, Paris (FR)
2012 Look For Art Gallery, group show, Amsterdam (NL)
2012 Nancy Victor Gallery, solo show, London (UK)
2013 Graffik Gallery, solo show, London (UK)
2012 Corey Helford Gallery, group show, Los Angeles (US)
2012 Muse Gallery, group show, London (UK)
2010 Collectors Contmporary, group show, Singapore (SG)
2009 Carmichael Gallery, group show, Los Angeles (US)
2009 Ceresoli Gallery, group show, Los Angeles (US)
2008 Louise Blouin Foundation, group show, London (UK)
2007 Prescription Art Gallery, solo show, Brighton (UK)
See more at deanzeuscolman.com or follow his Instagram at @deanzeus

Daniel “Besok” Doebner

Daniel Doebner (aka “Besok”) (DE) is an Amsterdam-based artist with such a musical eye for magical realism that it has made him one of the most melodious artists to blossom from the European urban art scene. His passion for soulful subjects in song can transition through different bodies, from birds to Dizzy Gillespie and dreamy divas. His series are inspired by emotions derived from deeply-rooted jazz, hip hop, rhythm and blues. Doebner is a master at playfully combining organic characters with elements of sound that often go overlooked. His combination of acrylic and aerosol drips create a vintage look that, when place on jute canvas, bring a sense of a rustic natural to his portraits on sepia-toned palates. The faces and instruments portrayed meet as if there is a dialog, a struggle, a romance, a desire. Background coloration are from stains of coffee grounds, carefully blended to give a vintage foundation beneath the subjects.
Shortlist Exhibitions & Events
2015 STROKE Art Fair with Stick Together (DE)
2015 Berlin Art Week with Stick Together (DE)
2014 SCOPE Art Fair at Art Basel Miami with Stick Together(FL)
2013 Name Gallery, group show “Hard”, Amsterdam (NL)
2013 L’Espace culturel d’Anglemont, group show “Les Couleurs de la rue” Les Lilas (FR)
2011 D-Gallery, group show Kosmo Art Tour, Jakarta (INDONESIA)
2011 Walls Gallery, group show “Beyond The Streets”, Amsterdam (NL)
2010 Kosmopolite Art Tour Paris (FR)
2010 View Art Gallery, group show “Urban View” , Bristol, (UK)
2010 Kosmopolite Art Tour Brussels (BE)
2009 LFTFLD Magazine Group Show (Chiellerie), Amsterdam (NL)
2009 Go Gallery, Kosmopolite Art Tour, Amsterdam (NL)
2008 ARTE DUE Gallery, group show “Vuote a rendere”, Milano (IT)
2002 Chromopolis – the cultural olympics, (GR)
Learn more at http://danieldoebner.de








Stick Together with RAW Wynwood Miami 2015

ZED1 paints Jose de Diego Middle School

ZED1 paints Jose de Diego Middle School for Stick Together and RAW Wynwood. Photo by Alessandro Abate

Stick Together Project Wynwood 2014

Otto Schade and ZED1 murals at Stick Together opening at Brick Tavern in Wynwood, Miami.

South By Southwest 2014

Stick Together Project 2013

Stick Together Project 2012

Stick Together began as a project that spreads art for free to fans worldwide. It’s an easy game: Sign up and win a piece of Max Zorn tape art. Giving fans a chance to be the artist, anyone who received a sticker has to find a place in where light shines through in the hometown and stick it up. For proof, take a photo and we map it. We’ve received thousands of emails. Zoom in to see where we Stick Together.